Top Kids' Birthday Party Questions Answered

Little Girl With Paint On Hands

Are there any special party "Do's and Don'ts?"
A definite "Do" is to let kids be creative. Coloring, painting, putting stickers on objects, making badges, bracelets, decorating inexpensive hats, or working on other craft projects will keep kids amused and happy. In fact, letting young kids create or decorate their own party favors is a great way to keep them occupied during the first 15 or so minutes of the party, when everyone is arriving.

Another "Do" is to have refreshments for the parents, especially if you've asked them to stay at the party.

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And "Do" be gracious if unexpected siblings show up. Have enough food for a few more people, and one or two extra goodie bags, just in case.

Here's a big-time "Don't:" Regardless of the activities you have planned for your child's birthday party, never let any child feel left out or unhappy because he or she isn't chosen for a team or is eliminated from a game. Encourage participation, cooperation, and team effort, not individual competition.