Turn Simple into Spectacular with Faux Jewels

Do you dream of glamorous get-ups dripping with gorgeous jewels, only to realize your budget won't support such fantasies? The secret to your style success is faux jewels! Now you can accessorize in your price range without shirking on style—faux jewelry is totally du moment.

When it comes to faux jewels, keep in mind three things: big, big and bigger. From the '60s stylings of Kenneth J. Lane to standout pieces by more modern designers like Kenneth Cole, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings that are dramatic and bold are what catch — and keep — everyone's attention.

Four Strand Cherry Jade

According to Franca Cavaricci, jewelry collector and dealer (, Coppola e Toppo is an excellent brand that carries large, dramatic necklaces and bracelets. By browsing the Net you may stumble on rare Coppola e Toppo pieces, but for a more accessible and less expensive faux jewel fix, check out Boucher Jewelry. To spice up your chestline, lay this 16" Four Strand Cherry Jade ("Melon") Necklace with a silver bamboo clasp around your neck. (; $355.00) / Firenze Seta srl, Inc.

Inspired Silver