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Glass teapot and tea flowers

Store: Plow and Hearth

Price: $46.90 (teapot plus 12 flowers)

Beautiful and soothing!

Loose Tea Infuser Included
Made of heatproof clear glass, our elegant Glass Teapot shows off the subtle color of fine tea and its swirling diffusion as it steeps. Dishwasher and microwave safe, loose tea infuser and one Tea Flower included.

Our Tea Flowers bloom right before your eyes as they unfurl in the heat of the water. You get 12 different "flowers," all made of grade AA, handpicked green tea leaves blended with fragrant jasmine. Each flower makes 15 cups of tea.

Glass Teapot 40-oz. capacity
Tea Flowers 12-pack

Check it out at: Plow and Hearth

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