Ellen Fremaux, Lawry's, Beverly Hills


The hottest sparkling beverages. "For our wedding clients looking for ways to save money, we recommend Prosecco or sparkling wine as great substitutes for the Champagne toast," says Fremaux. [Editor's note: A recent article in the Los Angeles Times about the growing popularity of Prosecco in the Los Angeles area, noted that two of the best are made by Valdobbiadene or Conegliano, and cost about $15 or $16 per bottle.]

"We also often recommend hosting beer and wine rather than a full bar," she adds, noting that a themed event is a natural for signature cocktails, beer and wine.

"We recently did a luau for a client's house-warming; we served two types of rum-based cocktails plus beer, wine, and soda. A signature cocktail is a memorable way to emphasize the theme of your event."