Colorful sheer tablecloths Luminous sheer tablecloths in colors
such as orange, lime, raspberry,
and turquoise ice bring bold color and
shimmer to today's trendy party décor

Photo courtesy of Table Wraps, Jericho, NY.

The party design you choose will set the mood for your event. Find out the latest, greatest, and most affordable party planning ideas to wow your guests.

Whether your event planning centers around a beautiful reception hall or your own backyard, you can make your party "talk-of-the-town" fabulous by creating atmosphere—and food presentation—that are spectacular.

Here, from top event planners, are sizzling hot tips to help make your next party spectacular.

Bold, beautiful color

Color is totally in, says Lexye Aversa, founder of Professional Touch International, a global event planner in Palm Beach. "But what's trendy is not one particular color, but the drama you create with color," she says.

Aversa says combining colors is especially appealing right now. "It's about combining colors that you wouldn't necessarily have seen in the past." An example, she notes, might be pairing teal tablecloths with hot magenta centerpieces.

"Today's colors are vivid and bold," adds Judy Komson, owner of Table Wraps, in Jericho, New York. "Flashy, prismatic hues definitely have made their comeback."

Lush Fabrics and Linens

Table linens that are trendy are "shiny, slick and sensuous," says Komson. "And glitter, twinkle and sparkle abound." This is true of not only elegant, but also the most informal fabrics, she says.

Brocades also have been reinvented and modernized, she says. And texture is especially popular in linens.

"If you have an eggshell with a little thread running through it,