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New Ways with raw fish

Remember when raw oysters and clams were a sign of an elite party? Today, sushi is the de rigueur hors d'oeuvre, and sushi chef-manned stations where rolls are made to order are a must-have at posh affairs, including many at the posh Garden City Hotel, says Tom Zaino, assistant director of catering at the Long Island landmark.

But sushi has also changed the way people think about raw fish. Today, the latest approach is ceviche, a dish of Peruvian descent which uses an acid base to "cook" the raw fish. Robbins Wolfe Eventeurs, in New York City, offers a ceviche bar where guests may choose salmon avocado ceviche, sea bass and baby scallop in grapefruit purée ceviche, red snapper ceviche with lime and cilantro, and tuna ceviche with water chestnuts and Thai spices.