Heading to a St. Patrick's Day party and need a hostess gift? Here are some inexpensive and readily available holiday-themed ideas.

Shamrock plant
  • Libbey's 8-ounce Irish coffee mugs; box of 12 glasses for $35.66 at Amazon;
  • "Everyone loves an Irish Girl" green tee shirt--widely available at $19.99.
  • Traditional Irish Music CDs--One well-rated collection of Irish music is "Water from the Well," by the Chieftains. This 2000 CD is available for about $10 at several Web sites.
  • Luigi Bormioli "Michelangelo" beer pilsners; set of four, $13.37; at Amazon;
  • Shamrock plants (Oxalis acetosella); $3.99 each and up; available at most nurseries and many supermarkets;