Here's a sophisticated floral trend that is perfect for any spring or summer gathering. The latest American Floral Trends ForecastTM includes a style called "Habitat." It's emphasis: a collection of nature-inspired colors and elements.

The Habitat palette  consists of colors ranging from white, through green tones. It also includes shades of ocean blue. The colors are paired with natural elements, such as stones and branches, to create a calming, serene atmosphere. 

Here, from the California Cut Flower Commission are some of the flowers and elements that you can use or combine to create the fabulous warm-weather "Habitat" floral design look—at a party venue or in your own home:


Flowers Other elements to use
'Monte Cassino' Aster

Muscari Waxflower
Hanging Amaranthu
Berzelia Seeded Eucalyptus
Botanical Prints
Birds, Nests And Eggs
Specimen Plants Mosses And Lichens
Edwardian Cases And Cloches
Modern British Floral Patterns
Environmental Awareness

Image source: Thao Vu photography. [Editor's note: The Web site of Thao Vu, based in Orange County, CA, displays some of the most beautiful and inspired photos we have ever seen. Do yourself a favor and set aside a few minutes to sit back, relax, and watch a slide show of their wedding photos. For a wedding, or any event you're planning, these are the types of images you'll want captured, to enjoy forever.]

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