For this activity, every guest has the opportunity to help create a beautiful scrapbook for the new Mom and baby.

Ask guests to design pages and put together a scrapbook for the Mom-to-be to fill with pictures of the baby shower, of the newborn, or photos taken as the baby grows.

Set out plenty of materials that your guests can use to create beautiful pages. Choose a specific color theme, or include a variety of scrapbook pages (shown at right), stickers, stick-on gems, scissors, glue, and other materials.  When guests are finished with their pages, they can put them together to complete the book during the shower.


How well do you know the Mom-to-be?

Just like the familiar, "How well do you know the bride-to-be" game, this activity works best with groups that have a long history together—it's not much fun for newcomers.

Before the party, compile a list of a variety of questions about the guest of honor. You may want to ask the guest of honor which, if any, topics are off limits or for help creating the best questions.

Here are some topics you may want to include: Her family. Her childhood experiences. Her teen years. Her college experiences. Her favorite foods, colors, sports and activities, etc.

To add to the fun, ask guests how they think the Mom-to-be would react in a range of hypothetical situations involving Dad and/or the baby. The easiest format is the most obvious: "What would she do/say if.....?" Have guests write down how they think the new Mom would respond.

Have one person read the first question while everyone else writes down their answers. Keep passing around the question sheet so everyone gets a chance to ask at least one question (and offer her own off-the-cuff answer).

Read the answers aloud. The guest to answer the most questions correctly, or whose answers agree most with those of the Mom-to-be, wins a prize.

For party favors that guests can use during the baby shower, consider pretty note pads and pens (like those pictured above) to use for writing their answers.


Apron, T-shirt or onesie decorating

Set up a station for guests to decorate plain white T-shirts, aprons, or onesies. Put out fabric markers and paints, and other decorating tools that are baby-safe.

Here are some excellent tips from Rookie Moms (TM) on getting the best designs and results:

  • Before the party, wash and dry the T-shirts and onesies (do not use fabric softener) so the designs will adhere well.
  • Offer guests stencils, to make it easier for them to create designs they'll be happy with.
  • Limit the number of colors of paint or markers to between 4 and 6, to create a color palette. Similarly, if the Mom-to-be has a preferred color scheme, use the colors she'll love most.
  • Use a Sharpie to put each designer's initials on the tag of each garment, so the new Mom will know who created it.
  • Hang a clothesline at the shower and use colored clothespins to display the decorated onesies and T-shirts. Let the garments dry for 24 hours before folding them.

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