We loved the idea of planning interactive fun for bridal showers so much that we decided to spin the idea for people planning baby showers.

With just a little switch, you can turn almost any traditional bridal shower fun idea into a fabulous baby shower to celebrate the Almost-New-Mom!

Here are some themed activities that your baby shower guests are sure to enjoy:

Recipe book

Ask guests to bring a baby food or kid-friendly family recipe for the Mom-to-be. If guests are unsure about baby food or kid-friendly recipes here are some helpful sites to suggest: FreshDirect, OrganicToBe, and AnnabelKarmel.

The new Mom will love tried-and-true recipes she can use to make healthy and delicious meals for her baby, or later, when her child is a bit older.

Be sure to buy a pretty recipe book or binder, like the one pictured at the left, to display the recipe collection. At the party, provide blank pages on which guests can glue or rewrite their recipes.

Encourage guests to write short anecdotes explaining why they chose this particular recipe. Guests will enjoy putting the book together at the shower; the Mom-to-be will love being reminded of her family and friends each time she opens the book.



Bingo can add some fun to the shower, especially while the guest of honor is opening her gifts.

Before it's time to open gifts, give guests blank bingo cards (you can find free printable cards, like the one shown here or purchase them online)

Tell guests to fill the empty boxes with the names of the gifts they believe the Mom-to-be will receive. Guests mark their boxes as the gifts are opened. The winner gets a prize.


Advice book

Start with a beautifully bound, blank journal or baby-themed advice book, like the one shown at the left.

Circulate it during the shower and allow everyone to give words of advice—
serious, funny, or both—for the new mom.

Read it aloud near the end of the shower, so everyone can hear the advice offered—if not the name of the person who wrote it.