Have Fun with Bold Statements

Have one statement piece that screams your personality and let that contrast against the fact that the rest of your outfit looks like you didn't try too hard, advises Thomas.

For instance, wear sexy men's-like trousers to a party with a comfortable t-shirt or blouse, and put bright colored eyeliner on the inside of your eyes for a pop of something different, like electric blue. Or grab a fantastic clutch that's embellished. "That's the epitome of what's hot right now," Thomas says.

Mueller adds her own thoughts about accents. "We are crazy about flirtatious accents and a great one is fringe," says Mueller. "Leather is big this season," Mueller continues, "and you can find leather elements in unexpected places.

Shiny pants, off-the-shoulder and one-shoulder styles (like this Max & Cleo solid top and print bottom dress), are also fashionable, Mueller continues, noting that all these trends are represented at Leelush.