If you're planning a graduation party, you've got lots of easy, great choices!

Choose from among several graduation party themes that are bound to thrill your favorite grad, and make all of the party guests smile, as well. Add easy-to-eat foods that teens love, and you've got the makings of a fun-filled and memorable graduation party.

Here are some classic graduation party decorations, to use as the basis of your party decor, or add to your personal touches. Most of these items are available in multiple colors, so you can choose the color scheme based on the grad's present or future school, or simply his or her favorite colors.



  Congratulations plates              Balloon weight (more colors)            Congrats confetti

                                congratulations graduate cup

Graduation celebration flag         Balloons (all types and colors)     Congrats Grad! cups (all types)

       graduation signature hat             graduation bubbles            Graduation party supply pack

   Signature graduation cap             Class of '10 bubbles          Graduation party packs (all colors)