If you're a woman, you know how important your friendships with other women are to you. Odds are, if asked, you might describe your relationship with your closest woman friend very simply: "She's there for me; I'm there for her. Any time, day or night."

The power of women's friendships is enormous. Women share their deepest feelings and fondest dreams. We offer each other emotional support, encouragement, and compassion.

National Women's Friendship Month is designed to honor an important part of our lives. It's a relatively new holiday, and we think it's a great one to celebrate!

In 1999, National Women's Friendship Day was founded by Kappa Delta National Sorority, which is based in Memphis. Starting in 2009, the day becomes a month--the entire month of September! You can get more information about the celebration here.

In the meantime, use this list to help you think of activities that you and your women friends can enjoy together. Then check out some of our features (below) on great ways to celebrate with friends—any time!

Enjoy National Women's Friendship Month

  • Send a card or short note to your best friend telling her how much she means to you.
  • Celebrate your relationship over high tea or coffee.
  • Remember a special friend with a book of poetry or fiction.
  • Send a card, and perhaps a photo, to a faraway friend.
  • Plan a girls' night out. Go see a movie. Make reservations for dinner.
  • Visit a spa together. Make appointments for manicures. Get makeovers.
  • Reconnect with a childhood friend with whom you've lost contact.
  • Sign up for a cooking or gardening class.
  • Plan an adventure. Go hiking, hot-air ballooning, white water rafting, etc.
  • Start up a book club with close friends.
  • Send flowers to your mother, sister or other relative who has also been a good friend to you.
  • Hand out goodie bags to your female coworkers. Include a note about National Women's Friendship Day.
  • Record a cassette tape or CD with songs that remind you of your friendship with a particular woman. Send the recording along with a short note to your friend.
  • Make a photo album or a scrapbook that celebrates your friendship.
  • Use your special talents or hobbies to make your friend a meaningful gift.
  • Take cards and home-baked cookies to your friends and female neighbors.
  • Throw a party or potluck with your closest women friends.
  • Plan a weekend with your former college roommate in your college town. Visit the library. Attend a football game. Go to your old hangout.
  • Make plans with your good friends to volunteer at a women's shelter, soup kitchen or child advocacy program.
  • Make a new friend!

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