Dog With Gifts

If you're like most people, you love shopping for and finding great gifts for your pet.

According to a recent survey by Pet Supplies "Plus," the nation's third largest pet store chain, the average pet will find 6.7 presents tucked under the tree this year.

A key reason that pets get so many gifts is simply that people enjoy shopping for them. More than nine out of ten survey respondents (93%) said it's more fun to shop for their pets than their human relatives.

Here are the cute, interesting, and "shamelessly unscientific" poll results released by the pet retailer:

  Pets Humans
Is it more fun to shop for your pets
or human relatives?
93% 7%
Is it easier to find the right gifts
for pets or humans?
95% 5%
Do you spend more on your pets or
human relatives?
26% 74%
Do you include your pets in your
holiday cards?

And here are some great gift ideas for your favorite Fluffy or Fido:


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