Easy centerpieces that are also beautiful require much less expense than you might imagine. What's more, low-cost flower arrangements can be just as beautiful as centerpieces that are more labor-intensive to create.

Here are a bunch of quick and easy ideas for turning inexpensive flowering plants or bouquets of store-bought flowers into lovely arrangements for a shower, luncheon, family gathering, or any party.

Note: For an upcoming special event, or just to have on hand for your own parties, consider buying inexpensive small glass vases, votive candle holders, hurricane shades, candles, and other decorative items in bulk. Some stores offer discounts for as few as four to six of the same item. One online store that offers wide variety and reasonable prices is www.save-on-crafts.com.
African Violets
African violets are abundant, inexpensive, and beautifully delicate-looking. Turn them into perfect table decorations for a bridal or baby shower by purchasing low-cost baskets at any craft store, lining the baskets with color-coordinated tissue paper, and placing the plants in the basket, topped with a ribbon or bow on the handle.