Eco-friendly food and drink

Here are some great ideas on how to prepare and serve more Earth-friendly party foods and drinks:

Buy locally—Kevin White, corporate event planner of Empire Force, in New York City (, offers up the basic premise of easy green party-planning: "If someone is trying to have a lobster dinner in Hawaii, well, there aren't a lot of lobsters out there. You have to fly them in," he says.

"Any time you put something on a plane, the carbon footprint is much bigger. So it's a good idea to try to have menus that allow you to buy locally. Look for what's available and in season in your area. Organic food is ideal," he says.

Skip the bottled water—Filtered water served in ice-filled pitchers is now much more hip than putting out bottled water, as those plastic water containers clog landfills. It's worth investing in a filter for your sink, since filtered water also is often of a better quality than bottled water. Besides, purifying the water in your own home will save you tons of money as the years and parties roll on.

Consider organic wines and liquors—Organic wines and vodkas are all the rage. Here are some brands suggested by Zem Joaquin, Eco-Editor of House & Garden:

  • Wine: Sinskey, Sincerity, and Bonterra.
  • Vodka: Square One, 350, and Rain.

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Check out other organics—Among the other foods and beverages now becoming more widely available in organic food stores as well as supermarkets: fruit spreads, crackers, pretzels, coffee , tea (organic pomegranate iced tea pictured above), and chocolate.

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