Celebrate with Style: You work with lots of celebrities. Is the trend for red carpet events moving toward textured hair or sleeker styles?

Mara: Definitely texture. It looks fresher and more youthful because it doesn't look as "done." Whether you are 20 or 60, hair should be a polished version of your own natural texture. When hair is too set, it no longer looks chic.

Celebrate with Style: What should be in a woman's "long hair survival kit" for an event?

Mara: If your hair is on the finer side, a light-shine serum will fight frizzy ends. A bit of light hair-spray keeps fly-aways at bay. And you always should carry some extra bobby-pins if your hair is up in any style.

Celebrate with Style: If you simply need to go sleek and straight, any words of advice? Mara: Yes. Most women focus their efforts on the flat iron rather than the actual blow-out which is a mistake. For straight hair to look its best, use an iron to touch up only the ends. If you use it all over, it will look lifeless. You also could wind up with kinks later on.

Photo credit: Photo of Halle Berry courtesy of Cahair.com

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