If you are planning a mixed-age party for friends and family, you can easily and affordably keep the kids entertained so your adult guests can enjoy the party.

Create a "kids' zone" for kids over the age of three to keep them busy with fun arts and crafts. It's easy to put together this kids' party within your party. First, see our tips from a kids' party professional who knows which activities are appropriate for every age group. Next, check out these affordable arts and crafts to help you choose the best activities for your little party guests.

When you are setting up your party space, be sure to designate a separate room for the kids to work on their arts and crafts. You can turn this room into a kids party with colorful balloons, streamers, and other party decorations. Be sure to hire a babysitter to supervise the children for the length of the party. The kids will absolutely love having their very own kids party.


Deluxe Bead Set (ages 5 and up)     My Giant Paper Flowers Kit      Bag Puppets


Shape, Model, and Mold                   B is for Bangle               Play-Doh Toolin Around Playset

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