Some like 'em creepy, others like 'em cute.

If you are of the "The spookier, the better" persuasion, you'll find lots of skeletons, fake body parts, cobwebs, and skulls everywhere.

When it comes to serving dinner or dessert, however, you may want to forego the slime and the bloody hands.

Here is some deliciously cute Halloween-themed tableware that will evoke more fun than fear at your Halloween party.

Several of these Halloween decorations can be used for other holidays, such as New Year's Eve, or for a festive Mardi Gras party—or simply any time that you wish to change the colors of your party décor palette.


Black Rose Bouquet             Berry and Candy Corn Pillar           "Bird Nest" Napkin Rings


Happy Halloween Napkins              Organza Favor Bags            Orange Diamond Table Scatters


Elegant Halloween Printable Party      Wilton Treat Stand           Ceramic Pumpkin Plate