Here are some clever, affordable and popular extras that are sure to please your teen guy or girl and his or her friends, and that will make your teen party all the more memorable:


Chocolate fondue fountain


Chocolate foundue fountains are a big hit among young partygoers. Teens feel extra sophisticated while dipping chunks of fruit or skewered marshmallows or cake bites into delicious warm melted chocolate—actually, chocolate fondue is a favorite for kids of all ages.

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Glowing accessories


Glowing accessories are always popular with teens. Whether the guys and girls are mingling or feel moved to the dance floor, they will want to show off their bracelets, necklaces, or sticks.

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party sticks and skewers


Party décor and tablescapes are a big deal for teens.  Choosing some small, but flashy party accents, like these beautiful Party picks. Some more easy and inexpensive touches: Scatter confetti, faux ice and gems on each table.
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